Ellen Page Already Came Out, You Just Missed It

Ellen Page Already Came Out, You Just Missed It

8th May 2014 // By Yael Brender // In Conversation

To everyone who prides themselves on being so up on all the celebrity gossip and couldn’t wait to be the first to weigh in on the whole Ellen Page being gay thing—you weren’t the first. You weren’t even close. The little hottie came out to her friends and family when she was just nineteen.

And that speech, you know, the best coming out speech in history? Ellen, her manager and the human rights organisation, the HRC Foundation, meticulously planned it together, because (in her own words), “The more time went by, the more something just happened, a [feeling of] Oh my God – I want to love someone freely.”

Now that her big gay secret is out (pardon the pun), she’s experiencing a newfound sense of freedom and the difference shows in her fashion sense is. Remember that super-hot androgynous Saint Laurent tuxedo she wore to the Oscars bash hosted by Vanity Fair? She’s wanted to dress like that for “ages”, but hasn’t felt comfortable with it until now.

Ladies, she’s single and “happy that the world now knows she’s gay.” She also told Flare magazine that she wants to walk down the street holding her girlfriend’s hand. Ellen, you can hold my hand any time you like.