Hipsters Ain't Shit

Hipsters Ain't Shit

19th September 2014 // By Samantha Garcia // Hipster Life

So we all know what a hipster is and where the fine line is that separates them from the homeless, but how hipster is it to be a hipster?

Hipsters are the type of people to claim they’ve liked a band since before the members were even born. They can tell in which African country a coffee bean was harvested simply by smelling it. They wear glasses from the 80s that not even people during the time would have been caught dead in. And they wear pants so tight that from the shoes to the belt, they appear to be completely androgynous.

If the whole point of being hipster is about being anti-mainstream and a part of a counter-culture, how is it that hipsters are true to themselves if being hipster is the mainstream culture? I suggest these hipsters go so hardcore and become so hipster that they aren’t hipster. I know I know, it’s a bit of a mindfuck but hear me out.

Everywhere you look in Sydney there are hipsters. If they aren’t real hipsters (which I’m sure hipsters will argue is very common), then they’re trying to be hipsters but either way the beard and the glasses are on point. To all the hipsters out there, I think you should stop! Hipster is so done that it’s not hipster anymore, it’s as mainstream as the barbed wire armband tattoo was in the 90s, thank you Sporty Spice.

Sporty Spice

The sale of flower hairbands and bindis has sky rocketed and no one has said anything so here I am saying what needs to be said. Hipsters you ain’t shit! Think of something new and embrace it, it’s the only way to stay truly hipster. What that is you ask? I couldn’t say. Off the top of my head, maybe try and bring back the Baby-G or see what can be done in the way of Tamagotchi earrings. Better yet, I challenge you to see how cool you can make Crocs. Think outside the square! Your bucket hats and torn Dr. Denims don’t cut it anymore. Change up the hipster way or risk losing the hipster title and going down in history as those normally dressed pretentious douchebags of our generation. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and hope to write about the increase in Tamagotchi sales and infected piercings soon enough.

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