The Inaugural Winner of The Mark Twain Prize for Contributions to Mayhem: Project Whippy

The Inaugural Winner of The Mark Twain Prize for Contributions to Mayhem: Project Whippy

12th June 2014 // By Café Warhol's // Hipster Life

In late 2012 we announced the Inaugural Mark Twain Prize for Contributions to Mayhem – a $50 Award to spend on doing something random, pointless, irresponsible or hair brained.

This is a photo of the winning entry by Ryan Brooks, a snowman made of cheap ice-cream in a suburban backyard in early summer.

Ryan faced some seriously bizarre and socially irresponsible competition, but the idea of a snowman made of cheap ice-cream? 40 litres of sheer genius – Ryan, we salute you.

For closure, we asked Ryan to write a requiem for his snowman; you’ll find it and his photographs of the event below.

Requiem For an Ice-Cream Snowman

By Ryan Brooks

Whippy the Ice-Cream-Man was an angry, sanguine soul. How desperately he fought to forego physical form as we mashed his sloppy, creamy body into a vaguely humanoid shape. How horrifically he wailed as the humid Australian climate eagerly stripped back his imposed humanity, desperately pleading with us to stop.

“No,” we resolved. “Whippy shall live.”

And so, despite Whippy’s best efforts to shake off his mystical, life-giving hat, we succeeded.

How we circled and stalked around our confectionary-mutant’s birth, stomping the floor and licking our lips. How we gently nibbled on Whippy’s ear when we thought no one was looking and whispered sugary placations that were lost on our creation’s saccharin consciousness.

Though we may question the wisdom of our actions on that day for years to come, I am certain that we will never forget the day we made a snowman out of ice-cream.


Dec 15th 2012 – Dec 15th 2012

Born, Died and Cremated

Part Ice-Cream, Part Divine










We're running the competition again this year with even more cash up for grabs which means even more silliness to be had. Competition details here: