So, have you ever thought about how interesting it

So, have you ever thought about how interesting it

10th October 2013 // Music Madness

So, have you ever thought about how interesting it would be to interview your housemate, flatmate, person with whom you live in a shared habitat so on and so forth? No? Yeah, me neither. Do you really want to know what that weird mysterious smell is that emanates down the corridor from their room? Or why they consistently walk in on you while you’re showering? The irritation somewhat softened by the smiley face/message they leave on the steam-draped mirror…But, if your flatmate chances to be the founder of a prodigiously remarkable Aussie psychedelic indie-electronic band it just might warrant some further thought.

The American Modern Nick Tapscott just so happens to live with member, producer and founder of Miami Horror -the brilliant Benjamin Plant. Nick and Ben sat down and talked about making music in Ben’s bedroom (no, that’s not a euphemism…), working with Kimbra, future career plans, and what the electronica musician would do if he found himself living in a post-apocalyptic world and everything electronic was evil – coconut drums or no coconut drums? That is the question.

Just one man, his famous muso flatmate, and a kitchen - they had to do something to while away the time waiting for the other to concede that it’s his turn to do the fecking dishes…Read Nick’s interview at the American Modern here