The Erratic, Joyous World Of Tune-Yards

The Erratic, Joyous World Of Tune-Yards

11th October 2013 // Music Madness

TUnE-yArDs. Their name covers the weird and delightful mesh of sound which a wayward listener encounters when they run into their music for the first time. I love music that beats the stress down in a triumphant blare of beats and saxophones.

James Weinert (Warhol’s Children’s Artist in Residence) dropped the video for the song'Bizness', into my world. It features the quirky and cathartic dance of some talented kids. We’re re-appropriating our favourite sounds as recommended by a wonderful artist again.

I now spin a customary loop of their album Who Kill when I play DJ at Warhol’s Children. A combination of acoustic, percussion and the occasional saxophone slide. It’s enough to make anyone dance. Check out the creative video below: