26th August 2013 // By Rebecca Lay // The Arthouse

We love discovering new talent. We like to live vicariously through the talented people we surround ourselves with; we’re not proud of it but hey, we sleep well at night. So when we stumbled across the designs of Sandra Elia— a recent graduate of Ultimo College, Sydney TAFE Institute of Design, who is both new and talented we were went a little hyper. The wonderful creations above are pieces from her final graduate collection.

The evening dress (above) takes its inspiration from Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. The dress features a fitted bodice with cutout details, a 3D shaping effect on the bodice, digital print of buttons, glass button and bead embellishments, contrast leather skirt and silk organza fabric manipulation. Yeah, not really sure what all that means but it’s fabulous. It’s rather warrioress. The second ‘peacock’ (peafowl?) design is from Sandra’s 2013 Spring/Summer range.

This entire collection is a bright, quirky and whimsical affair with an element of sophistication. The use of digital printing, machine embroidery, laser cutting, fabric manipulations, embellishments, contrasting fabrics, textures, design and colour creates a wondrously fun and vibrant piece, which just happens to be influenced by Graeme Base’ Animalia. Inspiration is everywhere, people! And in this collection you’ll also see marvellous accessorial creations like multi-unicorn horned headpieces and heels with actual ponytails (unitails?)!

Sandra’s creations just draw you in with their amazing use of colour and imagery— it’s very much wearable art. Though when and where one would wear such garments still leaves me pleasantly puzzled. Check out more of Sandra’s creations here, and to find out where you can get yourself your very own pair of bespoke ‘My Lil Pony’ heels here.