Don’t Give Up Giving Up

Don’t Give Up Giving Up

29th April 2014 // By Yael Brender // The Instructions

Trying hard to kick that nicotine habit but nothing seems to be working? Don’t quit quitting just yet – Professor Robert West has just done you a favour and devoted thirty years to figuring out what works when you’re trying to give up. 

West is at the forefront of a team of researchers at University College London, where he’s Professor of Health Psychology and Director of Tobacco Studies at Cancer Research UK’s Health Behaviour Research Centre. West believes that despite the billions of dollars of research that have gone into helping smokers quit, there still isn’t a real, honest way of actually stopping.

Until now. West suggests a multi-pronged approach to quitting, which he outlines in his new book The SmokeFree Formula. The low-down is that the nicotine in smoke changes your brain chemistry to create powerful urges to smoke. Every time you smoke, your brain records the situation in which you’re smoking. 

So whether you smoke to stave off boredom, to help yourself concentrate or to be sociable, each time your body finds itself in one of those situations, it will crave a cigarette. The nicotine has forged that link.

The good news is that you can train your brain to counter that urge. For this reason, it’s best to stop abruptly—be it with patches, nicotine inhalers or Ecigarettes. It’s also not a bad idea to steer clear of friends that are die-hard smokers for a little while.

And on the hot topic of Ecigarettes, according to West they are a hundred times safer than smoking a cigarette, so give that a go. West also recommends chewing glucose tablets, to reduce hunger cravings that the brain may misinterpret as a cigarette craving. So don’t give up giving up before reading what West has to say!

Try West’s methods, detailed here.