How To Get People To Cook You Dinner

How To Get People To Cook You Dinner

16th April 2014 // By Hannah Greethead // The Instructions

 Just suck at cooking. So simple! Although, showing a willingness to learn does work to your advantage. I’m not particularly gifted when it comes to cuisine, and bemoaning my inability to effectively put together a meal that doesn’t contain at least one burnt element, or hasn’t been drowned in soy sauce, tends to set alarm bells ringing. Then there was the oven debacle – turns out that I’d been grilling everything for three years. It does explain why all my attempts to bake led to cakes that were burnt on top and raw in the middle. These stories of culinary failure are initially met with laughter, which soon turns to pity, and that’s where the offers start.

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“I’ll give you cooking lessons!"

“I can teach you how to make Spaghetti Bolognese!”

My advice is to always take up their offer. People tend to get a little controlling in the kitchen; chances are ‘teaching’ will turn into “can you please just cut these carrots?” or “wash this lettuce and put it in the bowl.” Then you get to sit down to a fabulous dinner that you didn’t have to cook, giving your friends the satisfaction of having ‘taught you a life skill’ and all the while quietly knowing that you got a free, home cooked dinner.