Tired of Finishing so Quickly?

Tired of Finishing so Quickly?

6th May 2014 // By Yael Brender // The Instructions

Want to know the most unromantic statistic in history? I’ll tell you anyway: almost half of all men finish sex within two minutes. According to Dr Harry Fisch’s new book The New Naked, the average length of sex is 7.3 minutes, but 43% of the time it’s over in less than two minutes. That’s not what you want. And men are more pissed off about it than women, since according to Fisch; men want to sex to last longer than women do.

It’s interesting timing for this statistic to see the light, considering that in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, sex therapist Barry McCarthy defined intercourse lasting fewer than two minutes premature ejaculation.

Luckily, Swedish researchers want to help, so they ran a separate research group comprised of men who last less than a minute. These men completed a twelve-week regime of pelvic floor exercises, and the amount of time they can hang onto that load increased five-fold. Ergo, sex will last five times longer! Congratulations.