An Interview with Davidson, Lisa Davidson

An Interview with Davidson, Lisa Davidson

3rd February 2015 // By Jessica Chehade // Arts

I interviewed the signature illustrator of Warhol’s anthropomorphic food series: Miss Lisa Davidson. What I found is nothing less than charm. I knocked on her inbox sometime late afternoon one sunny Sydney day; maybe she felt my desperation to reconnect with my writing from South Australia and took pity on me. I know not what drove her to reply, but she opened the door to my enquiries and responded humbly.

Hailing from Adelaide she studied a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications at the University of South Australia. It was there that she dabbled in alternate art, devising animated characters in the form of laughing rhinos and a batman with nipples for a UniLife publication. Visualisation exercises triggered her creativity and from the deepest, darkest, hungriest side of her imagination Yeezy burger was born.

Lisa tells me it’s the abstract ideas that help trigger her creative side. For instance, she says visualisation exercises “Allowed us to come up with really out-there creative ideas without thinking too much.”

So, when was her creative genius born?

"I started drawing when I was around 3 or 4 years old, it was always a hobby of mine..."

What inspired her genius?

Well, Lisa confesses, “I started collecting dolls when I was around 8 years old, so many of my drawings were based around girl characters wearing different outfits/with different hairstyles…one of my friends from primary school was into drawing too so we enjoyed drawing characters and making comics together.”

Inspiration it seems can come from anywhere and strike at anytime, “mostly ideas just pop into my head. Sometimes I have dreams that give me ideas. Sometimes I will get ideas from my family or friends. If I’m struggling I usually brainstorm by sketching out possibilities until it looks right to me.”

Lisa’s blog certainly looks right to me. It features the series of abstract drawings she bestowed upon Warhol’s Children as well as a plethora of different characters and doll-like figures, not to mention photography. You’ll also spot some Rhinos, horoscope symbols, and female portraits. The lines of her sketches are delicate and refined; some varnished in watercolour paints and combined with pencil. She also uses charcoal, oil pastels, and dry pastels, “But not all at once” she assures me.

For a look at some awesome sketches and paintings you should head over to Lisa’s blog. I think it reflects a little of the artists personality, from what I can gather Lisa is down to earth and humble, her drawings a mirror for her imagination.

Image: Lisa Davidson