Crème de la Miley

Crème de la Miley

23rd November 2014 // By Lisa Davidson & Jessica Chehade // Arts


She went from behind the cold glass walls of a froyo counter to gelato in minutes. Is she just another good cream gone bad? It doesn’t really matter what the froyo fans say. She is one fully-fledged gelato now and there are no imperfections in her cone. The smooth, rich, and velvety flavour of Crème de la Miley will get you from lick to crunch in seconds. She’s a dazzling vanilla cream, trickled with lavender and topped with cherries. But wait, there’s more. No ones cone crunches like Miley’s. If you like the element of surprise then she’ll have you dumbfounded. And with that mouth agape you have no choice but to devour the hot mess that you’ll find in the tip of her cone. Her waffles vertex is filled with a warm cherry syrup so right before you get to the last bite there’s an explosion of cherry that slaps you on the untrained tongue. Don’t like her flavour? No crust off her cone. She’ll be chilling right where you left her, in the tub of your best friends favourite ice cream.

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Illustration: Lisa Davidson