Meet Kenny Pittock

Meet Kenny Pittock

19th October 2014 // By Hannah Greethead // Arts

Kenny Pittock is a mixed media artist from Melbourne. That is probably the most boring introductory sentence that I have ever written about a person. I’m sorry. There is however, truth to that initial sentence. Kenny is an artist and he is from Melbourne….. But this really isn’t getting anywhere is it?

Here are some pictures instead.

IMG 8202

This is a picture of a drawing of a picture next to the picture that the drawing is of.


Kenny Pittock Drawn on train. Only Illegal. 2012. jpg

This is a drawing, of a guy, I think it’s called ‘Guy wearing a t-shirt that says “It’s only illegal if you get caught!’ getting fined for not having a concession card.’


hi dogs

This is a sculpture called ‘If hotdogs could talk I think we all know what they’d say’


tinder surprise. Kenny Pittock. 2014 IMG 9755

This is another sculpture called ‘Tinder Surprise’. (Haha)


Kenny’s work, aside from being cheeky and incredibly funny also cleverly plays around with contemporary Australian culture. making art objects out of those of the everyday… It’s Pop, but with more soul. Kenny takes corporate product and makes it feel human.

So, this is Kenny, you can see more of his work here.

You should also stay tuned for an excellent interview with Kenny. Really, it’s going to be something special.

Images courtesy of Kenny Pittock