Ultimate Designer Stuff: The Stuff of Dreams

Ultimate Designer Stuff: The Stuff of Dreams

13th July 2014 // By Hannah Greethead // Design

Remember Oprah’s Favourite Things? Well, we've got something a little different. We might be unable to match her enormous purchase power, but that is okay because we also have no care for ‘favourites’. We’re hip, we want new stuff, cool stuff. The kind of stuff that no one else has, stuff that doesn’t even exist.

Three new designers have imagined up some ULTIMATE THINGS (I, sadly, couldn't think of a better description). The brief was ‘design the thing you’d most like to own’ (vague, I know) and these guys delivered.


Ben is quite the biking enthusiast, so much so that he’s recently founded a company focused on the production of leather accessories for his fellow cycling enthusiasts, Blackpine. Ben has bikes on the brain, so he’s created Ben’s Ultimate Adventure Touring Bike. Check it out, pretty snazzy.

Concept Touring Bike

You can see more of Ben’s work here.


Alexis is in the midst of completing her Masters in design at COFA, she’s also got a cheeky sneaky sense of humour that weaves itself into each of her designs. Alexis went a bit fantasy on this one; it’s a cloak of invisibility with night vision goggles. What a practical combo. Suck it Harry.

Alexis Design

More Alexis DiMeglio here.


Niki is a budding exhibition guru but for us she’s turned her attention to soft furnishings, bedding in particular. What a clever lady, isn’t everyone looking for an excuse to stay in bed just a little bit longer? Niki’s dreaming of a technicolour bed spread and I can’t imagine anything but the sweetest dreams under these sheets.

nicole isaacson   watercolour   1.0

Find out more about Niki here.