Sex Education From Hell: Vaginas are Like Dirty Chocolate

Sex Education From Hell: Vaginas are Like Dirty Chocolate

20th April 2014 // By Yael Brender // Education

To listen to the sex education class taught as part of an “Abstinence-Plus” program at a Mississippi public school this month, you’d think that women literally melt like chocolate when you touch them for too long. According to public health worked Marie Barnard, who has a son at the school in question, the teacher “called on students to unwrap a piece of chocolate, pass it around class and observe how dirty it became.” That’s disgusting.

Not the chocolate—I don’t have a problem with half-melted chocolate, I think it adds to the flavour. But plenty of people have had a problem with teachers telling their daughters that their vaginas were like an over-handled piece of chocolate. Furthermore, when the parents stormed the school authorities, they responded with, “Put it this way: How much dog poop stirred into your cookie batter shoes it take to ruin the whole batter?” That makes sense…

The same school hands out pamphlets urging girls not to wear long slung jeans, tube tops or go braless—ever—because that would make girls responsible for “putting sexual thoughts into guys’ heads.” The school also supports Purity Balls, where girls pledge their virginity to their father until they can give it to their husband as a ‘gift’. Sounds like the teachers teaching Sex Ed at this school could use a little Sex Ed themselves.

After this story intitally ran, many from the Oxford, Mississippi area tried to refute the claim saying that such a thing would never happen. Then where are these stories coming from? Decide for yourself below.