Sydney’s Overcrowded Schools and Fraudulent Lease Agreements

Sydney’s Overcrowded Schools and Fraudulent Lease Agreements

13th May 2014 // By Otto Reitano // Education

Sydney parents are resorting to desperate measures to get their kids into the primary school of their choice. With many of Sydney’s most popular schools so full that principles have started refusing out-of-area enrolments, some parents are submitting fraudulent documents, such as lease agreements, which they then use to claim to live in the catchment of the school. 

The Department of Education says they are focusing attention on managing capacity issues and warn against parents using fake documents to enrol their children. Enrolments found to be based on false documentation could be reversed, and even result in fines.

Interestingly enough, the swelling enrolment numbers are particularly high at Sydney’s more exclusive public schools. Vaucluse Public School and Maroubra Bay are among some of the schools, which have seen student numbers more than double over the last few years. 

As overcrowding continues, it’s important to ask: Does learning and developmental opportunities in primary education really secure their children’s place in the upper echelons? 

Some of us may just have to come to grips with occasionally being left out.