Taking Drugs for a Living: Tripping Around the World With Hamilton Morris

Taking Drugs for a Living: Tripping Around the World With Hamilton Morris

6th April 2014 // By Otto Reitano // Education

Life experience is essentially what shapes our character and personality. Especially in the formative stages of our 20s, many of us will go outside our comfort zones to experience new things. It’s part of the reason we enjoy travelling, meeting new people, learning about new things, and is largely the driving force behind personality development. When it comes to altering our state of consciousness, however, it seems that we have become somewhat afraid, perhaps even apprehensive towards the idea.

Luckily, there’s a man out there who’s taken it upon himself to experiment with different states of consciousness for us. On the surface, Hamilton Morris  may seem like nothing more than a drug addict with a paycheck. In reality, though, he’s a very knowledgeable and outspoken young man. From recently visiting the cannabis gold mines of Swaziland to ingesting the psychedelic brews of the Amazon, calling Morris well travelled would be an understatement.

What makes Morris so special is not his mere willingness to consume copious amounts of illicit, psychedelic chemicals; it is his passion for exploring each and every corner of the human mind in the best way he knows how. His endeavors are not strictly pharmacological. In one of his most recent documentaries, for example, he explores the meditative effects of sensory deprivation tanks with Joe Rogan.

Sure, drugs might be dangerous in some circumstances, but what isn’t? Each year an average of 150 people die from falling coconuts – does that mean we should be apprehensive towards visiting tropical island beach resorts? Maybe it’s time we take a leaf out of Morris’ book – maybe it’s time we have a little fun and start exploring the deeper layers of the cognitive mystery that is the human mind.