What Is It Like To Be Blind?

What Is It Like To Be Blind?

3rd June 2014 // By Jasmine S. // Education

Life as a blind person might seem like a drag, but watch a couple of videos from the bubbly Tommy Edison and you might think otherwise. Edison was born with an underdeveloped optic nerve and has learned to live life to the fullest regardless of his sight (or lack thereof). To enlighten us sighted people, Tommy created two YouTube accounts. One is called the Blind Film Critic, where he watches…well…hears films and reviews them based on dialogue and soundtrack. Upon receiving positive feedback he decided to make a channel, especially for his inquisitive audience. It’s sort of a like an FAQ if you will.

The channel is called The Tommy Edison Experience. He answers questions like how blind people choose their clothes, how to make pizza when you’re blind, and what colors are like to blind people. He even listed all the perks about being blind. He has such an energetic and positive approach to life and his blindness that you can’t help but fall in love with him.

He’s been sharing his life for years and has even made a Reddit AMA. Thanks to his friend and video editor Ben Churchill, the world has learned so much from Tommy Edison. I guess there are two Thomas Edisons that should be revered, eh?