Incredible Double Exposures by Dan Mountford

Incredible Double Exposures by Dan Mountford

14th July 2014 // By warholst // Film & Photography

Double exposure or multiple exposures is the addition of multiple layers to create a single image.If you’ve ever tried your hand at double exposure photography you’ll know that it can be pretty damn rewarding when you get that one shot that comes out magically. You'll also be aware of how bitterly frustrating it can be when you don't get the shot - frustrating to the point of screaming, tears and a hissy fit that a reality Real Housewife would be proud of.

Dan Mountford is a freelance graphic designer and photographer residing in Brighton, England. He is most well known for his stunning double exposure photography.  Mountford captures his dual subjects beautifully, giving life to new composite images that take on unique, surreal forms. He has described this as “which he describes as “a visual journey through our minds by calm and tidy means which the reality of everyday life does not show”. 

What is even more incredible is that Mountford states that the only post-production work “consisted of a change in tone,the removal of odd blemishes & the addition of some vector.” This means there are no cheats, no photoshop, nothing, all images and exposures were created entirely by the camera and the artist. Incredible.

You can check out his work below, or here.