30th September 2015 Written by Hannah G Film & Photography

Streets of Sydney AKA The Trigger for My Existential Crisis

I think it might be time to re-evaluate my life choices… the deeper I dive into More Chillis take on Sydney’s suburban stereotypes in Streets of Sydney, the more I fear that I fit the mould of a ‘fart sniffing, lactose intolerant inner city blogger’. Fuck, now I’m definitely reconsidering buying into Yeezy Season 2

Streets of Sydney is a brand new ‘mockumentary’ web series dedicated to those most magical creatures… Sydneysiders. The eight part web series, launching today, takes you on a journey across this special city to meet all the locals; from Chase Burns a Fast & Furious loving ‘rev-head’ from the Western suburbs to Prudence Wright-Way, the supremely wealthy North Shore matriarch. More Chillis hits the nail on the head… and cuts a little close to the bone. You’d be hard pressed not to see a little of yourself in their disturbingly accurate satire.

I can’t stop cringing, I think I might give up my morning ‘decaf soy latte with half soy milk half boiling water’ just to save face. Ugh.

You can learn more about Streets of Sydney here or give them a little like right here.