Bodily Obsession

Bodily Obsession

25th September 2014 // By April Davis // Health & Science

Plastic surgery used to be one of those things that the wealthy indulged in, with a nip here or a tuck there, maybe a bit of lipo or some bigger boobs, because why not? Now, it's no longer an indulgence but a part of everyday life. Many of us know of someone who's had work done, usually nothing extreme. But some people take things a little further, taking extraordinary measures to transform their bodies.

Here are some of the most extreme bodily obsessions:

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Wait... is that Superman? Herbert Chavez has undergone 16 years worth of plastic surgery to become the iconic DC superhero. Mild mannered dressmaker from the Philippines spent 300,000 pesos that equates to roughly $7,500 Australian dollars so he could be the super hero he always dreamed of becoming.

Then there is the ever-popular human Barbie transformation. Apparently some girls don't want to leave the iconic big breasted, small-hipped dolls in their childhood and have opted to transform their bodies to look like their favourite childhood toy. There are two noteworthy cases:

Lolita Richi, a 16 year old who claims her human Barbie look is all-natural. To put it nicely, we think not. By looking at her photos you will see her porcelain like skin and body sculpted to the proportions of a doll that does not come naturally. Measuring in at 5ft 3in, she has a 32- inch waist and wears a 32-F bra and comes in as the youngest ever-human doll. If only we knew the secret to her natural plasticity.

Then you have what's possibly the most well known human Barbie case, Valerie Lukyanova. It’s difficult to believe that she is an actual person, but she has dedicated her life to her endeavor of being an amatue (a name that came to her in a dream) and to practicing breatharianism. This is the belief that you can survive without food living purely on air. The 28-year-old Ukrainian model admits to having breast implants but claims her she needs very little sustenance because of her culture, hence the unusually small waistline. Her image is all over Facebook and YouTube as she uses the social networking platforms to communicate her transcendental self-help lectures. A strategy that has successfully captured the world’s attention.

Now, every Barbie needs a Ken so let us introduce Justin Jedlica a self proclaimed human Ken. Like Valerie he has sparked controversy on the World Wide Web boasting about his 100 cosmetic procedures to make himself look like a walking, talking Ken. But wait, there’s more! He's still going and has no intention of stopping his surgical mission as he considers himself somewhat of a designer. His obsession goes beyond looking like Ken as he enjoys playing with the aesthetics of the human face and runs consults with people to assist in designing their 'new' faces.

Okay, so human dolls and super heroes are somewhat understandable, its just everyday people wanting to become the characters they love. But what could possibly make a person decide to be a human sex doll? And no, that's not a typo but it is unusual. There are only a couple known cases, one being Victoria Wild, a model who has spent an incredible $53,000 to transform herself into a life size sex toy. She's done it all, right down to the boobs that could knock out a horse!

Our last case is possibly the most unique. Most of us can say we love animals. A trip to the zoo is usually a pretty exciting day out. Well, now you don't have to go to the zoo to see a tiger, you could see one just strolling sown the street. Meet Dennis Avner, The Stalking Cat or as some people know him Cat Man. This US navy veteran had 14 operations to make him look like a tiger. He was even featured in the Guinness book of world records before his passing in 2012.

So there you have it, unusual bodily obsessions that are making plastic surgeons a fortune across the world. Who would have thought?