Do Wide-Hipped Women Get More Action?

Do Wide-Hipped Women Get More Action?

15th September 2014 // By Jasmine S. // Health & Science

Researchers recently published a new study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior that suggests women with wider hips tend to have more sexual partners. 

By measuring the iliac crests (the bones that protrude on your pelvis) of 148 women between the ages of 18 and 26, they have concluded that women with hips wider than 36cm had more sexual partners and one night stands than those whose hips measure less than 31cm. Yes, go on, measure your iliac crests, I know you want to. 

The researches summarised this finding by pointing out that women with wider hips will have an easier time during childbirth, hence they are more likely to engage in casual sex because they subconsciously believe that the consequences will not be as unpleasant. Pushing a watermelon-sized baby out of our vaginas? No big deal. 

If you just measured your hips and yelled, “this is bullshit!” then you have jumped into the critical along with many other anthropologists. They claim that not only do the iliac crests not determine the width of the birth canal, but the sample size of the research was too small to represent all women. Hips also spread with age, so it might be simply a factor of experience. 

The study has stirred some controversy, but head researcher Colin A. Hendrie is adamant that the research has some ground and that it provides further insight to today’s hookup culture.