Gender Swap – Experiment With The Machine To Be Another

Gender Swap – Experiment With The Machine To Be Another

13th July 2014 // By Glaiza Perez // Health & Science

Body Swapping is another dream to cross off the Sci-fi list as we re-enter reality.

Body and gender swapping stories exist across cultures, films and books but BeAnotherLab has been able to take the experiment from the page to reality. The interdisciplinary group of students at the University Pompeu Fabra are conducting their own collaborative experiment in order to understand the experience of living inside another person's body.

One of their main projects is Gender Swap - a work in progress investigation on Gender Identity, Queer Theory and Mutual Respect.

In this experiment, each participant wears an immersive Head Mounted Display Oculus Rift with a first-person camera to create a brain illusion. This enables a perception of corresponding and synchronised movement, which essential for this embodied experience to take place. Both participants need to agree on each and every movement. This aspect brings questions of intimacy, mutual respect, gender identity and queer theory to light in this investigation.

It's also a neuroscientific technique with future potential for neuro-rehabilitation applications.

You can read more about it here.


Gender Swap - Experiment with The Machine to Be Another from BeAnotherLab on Vimeo.