The Weird and Wacky: Phobias and All Their Weirdness

The Weird and Wacky: Phobias and All Their Weirdness

14th September 2014 // By April Davis // Health & Science

Having fears is a pretty ordinary phenomenon with most of us knowing people with the standards: clowns, heights, and confined places. But there are some pretty wacky fears out there. For instance, did you know there’s actually a fear of bathing? It’s called ablutophobia and that’s nothing compared to some of the weird things people are scared of.

Here are a few of the strangest:

This one’s probably one of the most convenient, ergophobia, the fear of work, or workplace environments. As much as it sounds like a bad excuse to skip work, psychologists actually believe it stems from the fear of failing, and social anxiety.

Then you have nomophobia, something I’m sure most modern teenagers can relate to. It’s a no-mobile-phone-phobia, that a massive 50% of people have, who would have thought?

Some of the more inconvenient fears are heliophobia and oikophobia. Heliophobia can be described as a modern form of vampirism that results in a fear of sunlight. Maybe a little bit too much True Blood. And even worse, oikophobia, the fear of household appliances, better throw out your toaster and kiss your refrigerated drinks goodbye.

But, as strange as some of these phobias are, prepare yourself for what’s possibly the strangest of them all.

Drum roll please…..

Phobophobia, yep you guessed it it’s a phobia where you’re actually scared of phobias. How bizarre.

Some of these phobias are pretty unusual. Can you top it? What’s your biggest fear?

Illustration: Hannah Greethead