What Do Women Want? Period Panties

What Do Women Want? Period Panties

27th July 2014 // By Tara Watson // Health & Science

For any woman that had grown accustomed to throwing away the odd pair of underwear because of an unexpected period or experienced heightened anxiety of leakage during their time of the month, a smart and thoughtful product is finally addressing this common but often taboo dilemma. 

A new brand THINX has emerged with a specific make of underwear to be worn by women during their period. The underwear that is already available on their website contains anti-microbial, stain-resistant, moisture wicking fabric, and is able to absorb up to six teaspoons of liquid. 

The underwear has been introduced due to a gap in the market for an undergarment that targets a major concern often silently suffered by women during menstruation. More specifically how pads and tampons are often prone to leakage. According to THINX, 11-15 pairs of underwear are thrown out by one woman per year and 80% of American women have expresses anxiety over accidents during their time of the month.  

The idea was inspired by Agrawal experiences growing up, being forced to hide period stains and growing frustrated with the disruption caused by periods to everyday life. It wasn't until she visited South Africa and learnt of school girls’ actually missing school because of menstruation that she felt the urge to try to alleviate stress and discomfort experienced from periods.

“Ultimately, it’s a huge, important thing that every woman in the world faces all the time and no one’s talking about it or fixing it,” said marketing director Veronica del Rosario to Art In Fact. “Our goal is to break that taboo, so that all women and girls around the world can handle their health properly.”

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