An Interview With King Colour: Psychip-hopic Indie Rockers

An Interview With King Colour: Psychip-hopic Indie Rockers

23rd September 2014 // By Samantha Garcia // Music

King Colour are a four piece Sydney based band that after years of rocking the suburbs, are gaining some serious traction in the Triple J Unearthed music scene. These high school mates, Josh Dives, Matt, Ellis and AJ, are making waves at home and interstate one dodgy bar gig at a time, and despite the poverty and hard work, are loving every minute of it.

Samantha Garcia: First off, thanks guys for taking the time to interview with me, I know you’ve just come back from your first interstate tour which I’m excited to hear about, but right now I’d like to start at the grassroots.

You’ve described your sound as “psychip-hopic indie rock”, what do you think makes that an accurate description of the King Colour vibe?

AJ: Well it’s a blend of the words; psychedelic, hip-hop, pop, indie and rock, and there are elements of each of those sub-genres in our music. Hip-hop beats, pop vocals, distorted guitar riffs as well as dreamy guitar layers etc.

Josh Dives: They are also the main genres of music we collectively, are into as a band so naturally they seep through into our music.

Samantha: I know your sound is completely unique and fresh but whom would you pick as main influences and inspiration of the King Colour style?

Ellis: Our influences largely come from what we are listening to at the time, which is generally of the genres within pschip-hopic rock. To name a few bands, we are influenced by the raw hooks and arrangements of classic bands such as The Beatles, Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin.

Dives: We love the interesting and sporadic arrangements used in hip-hop from artists such as The Beastie Boys and A Tribe Called Quest. We also draw a lot of inspiration from the very modern song writing of bands like The Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks.

Samantha: Actually come to think of it the second I heard Break the Ice and showed my mum, it did feel reminiscent of funky Beach Boys.

A huge congrats on the tour. How was your music being received outside of your hometown Sydney?

Matt:We feel like it was received very well, which we are stoked about! We love playing and have so much fun on stage, regardless of where we are and I think people appreciate that the most.

Samantha: And how was it spending so much time together in such close quarters? Any punch-ons?

Ellis:Haha actually yeah Matt [MC Bangerz] and AJ [Arj] were seen wrestling on more than one occasion. Dives and I took care of the delinquents and whipped them back into line and no more incidents were to be had.

AJ: But that’s pretty normal.

Matt: Yeah we spend a lot of time together anyway so the extra intimacy doesn’t bother us too much.

Samantha: Extra intimacy? Okay I won’t dig any deeper. And finally, with a couple single releases under your belt and gigs up and down the East Coast, what’s next for King Colour?

Ellis: We are constantly writing/recording and we hope to release another single with the A&R department by the end of the year. Also, we always love playing shows and now that we’re starting to get the hang of touring, we’re going play at every show that’ll have us!

Samantha: Thanks boys, look forward to catching up in the near future but in the meantime, good luck and enjoy the extra intimacy.

You can check out the fellas via their Facebook page or have a listen to that sweet sweet King Colour on Soundcloud or Triple J Unearthed.

Catch these guys live at Coogee Bay Hotel every Friday of October.

On the 5th of October supporting Brisbane boys The Worriers at Valve Bar or you can catch them on the 12th of October at the Wollongong Writers Festival