14th April 2015 Written by Jessica Chehade Music

The Artist's Perspective: Where Art Thou, Success?

Work, of any kind, is demanding. It requires effort, time, and persistence. But artists’ work, that which is gruelling and rewarding all at once, can provide boundless inner joy once completed. That is, until the next audition, due date, or exhibit…

Miss Sarah Kristine is a 23-year-old singer, dancer, and actor. She featured on Australia’s Got Talent 2013 and The Voice Australia 2014. She’s performed in musicals of The Wizard of Oz and Hairspray, and I have had the pleasure of hearing her versatile and captivating vocal chords live in theatre and concert.

When I spoke to Sarah I tried to dive into her pool of thought, I wanted every drop of her creative juice to seep through my own fingertips and help me write. I sought to know for all the artists out there how one deals with the obstacles of an artists’ plight, I mean, flight.

I meet Sarah at Badmannercafé in Parramatta, It’s 9.30 on a Tuesday morning and she’s still in her workout gear having come from ballet class. She looks surprisingly awake and fresh for a Tuesday morning and I find myself in awe of her already (although this might be because I rarely rise before 9am). We take a lengthy look at the menu and place our orders. “Two soy caps, thanks.”

I spit some questions out in the void for us to have a chat about,

  1. A brief outline of your typical week and how it benefits you as an artist?
  2. What is your ultimate dream/goal?
  3. How does what you’re doing now contribute to this dream/goal?

Sarah is warm and down to earth. As we speak I can see in her eyes the fire and passion of a dedicated artist. She tells me she’s struggled with the daily grind, but seems to welcome it. It makes sense to me, because how can we succeed if we don’t work hard for what we want?

“My week as an artist can be an emotional journey” she says. She works two jobs, one as a singing and dancing teacher three times a week and two days as a receptionist for a construction company. She takes two ballet classes a week and slogs three sessions of boot camp, otherwise she can be found at an acting class one night a week and practising her singing every night.

“Aesthetics are undeniably a huge part of the industry. Therefore, nutrition and exercise are a huge part of my week.” But that’s not the sole reason for her busy regime as she admits that all these activities “benefits me on three different levels; mentally, physically, and disciplinary.” I tell her I’m sure we can all appreciate the need for disciplinary routines as the motto I feel can sometimes inhibit us and prevent the active pursuing our goals. She agrees.

“Inspiration is a dirty word for the creative soul. I believe that completing tasks like finishing a song or starting one, is the very same as an accountant going into their office each morning. It's work.You have to get it done to reap the rewards.


But she doesn’t stop there. In order to be on top of the music industry and get herself known and circulating the right places she attends auditions, acting classes, attempts song writing and researches. A huge part of research, networking and publicity involves social media now. Sarah describes the upkeep of social media as “gut wrenching” but even if labouring over Facebook posts and Instagram disheartens you, “we must acknowledge the dominance of social media” she asserts, “irrespective of our liking it or not”.

“I do wish for recognition and for people to admire my work... but ultimately, doing what I love every day and making an income off it is the goal.”

For Sarah, “dreams are goals”, so set the tasks daily that enable you to reach your dream and you’ll be on the right path. “What I am doing is not a routine for before I reach my dreams, I do what I do now as a way of life." She admits there's always more to be done, and she's happy to do it, if it means getting her where she needs to be.

“At the moment, my plan is to invest in an appropriate laptop and music production program to have the ability and freedom to create my own work. My goal within the next three to six months is to have an EP of about five songs. Put them out there in the world of producers and social media and gage the feedback.

Despite the slumps of insecurity, self-doubt and criticism she admits even she goes through, “my aim is to live for the needs and demands of the present day to overcome that” she says. “Yes-sometimes it's hard to wake up at 5:40am to get ready for boot camp. But this is character building! It’s like that moment where you realise, even though you don't want to complete that song, you have the ability to do it. So you do it. Then, once completed (like exercising) you feel elated and strong. A strength that drives you to the next item on your to do list.

Well, her bravado and vibrancy are infectious. I believe she'll achieve her dreams because where there's passion and dedication there must be success, even if it's measured on a daily basis. And hey, this article got written didn't it? Inspiration can only happen when you decide you're ready to succeed.

Image by Carol Matt via The Monday Jam