The McClymonts, Rockstar Bogans?

The McClymonts, Rockstar Bogans?

12th November 2014 // By Ainslie Daniels // Music

Bogan. A few things come to mind when you hear it. Hooligan, working class…bum…and my personal favourite, from Urban Dictionary – a fascinating beast. Whilst some people would do anything to avoid the label at all costs, country clan The McClymonts, have come to embrace their inner-bogans over the past couple of years.

With the Christmas and Festival season upon us, I obviously only had one question to ask The McClymonts when I spoke with them at the Sydney Country Music Festival (SCMF) over the weekend. “What’s your best hangover cure?”

Brooke and Mollie

Originally from Grafton, multi-instrumentalist sisters, Brooke, Sam, and Mollie are known for their hard-hitting country rock sound and unequivocally Australian personas.

All three girls chuckled, with Mollie piping up instantly “McDonalds. Bacon and Egg roll, a frozen coke…with a bit of vodka”. Brooke suggested quickly “yeah don’t stop, just keep going!”

You get the impression that Brooke, Sam and Mollie know how to have a good time (and recover). On tour in the US back in 2012, Brooke said “ I don’t know why I do it to myself, when I know I have to do a show the next day. And not just one show…two!” It’s one of the reasons the girls such a huge fan base. They’re incredibly Australian. It was on that American tour that Mollie herself found herself a bit embarrassed by one particular performance where she felt they came across a bit too bogan –a worry that has long since passed.

Brooke and Mollie belt one out

Before their performance at the SCMF, I asked them if they’d embraced their inner-bogan since they made the decision to concentrate on Australia, instead of focusing on cracking the US Market. “I definitely have” beamed Brooke. Mollie reflected for a moment before confirming that at the time it had been real a concern, but almost immediately after it had happened she’d moved on.

Although Brooke is unabashedly proud of embracing said inner bogan, their performance at the SCMF was anything but. With their bass heavy music, punchy tunes and rocker glam fashion, you could easily see the girls putting on a fully-fledged rock show. ‘We’re definitely not Taylor Swift’ says Brooke. Not that there’s much of a comparison to make.


The vivacious threesome would represent Urban Dictionary’s ‘fascinating beast’ brilliantly. Muti-award winners, talented instrumentalists and strong lyrical skills go hand in hand with their stunning looks and commanding stage presence…not forgetting Mollie’s love of junk food, Sam’s love of triathlons, and Brooke’s dislike of brushing her hair.

The McClymonts

The girls have spent the last four months on a hectic tour schedule, promoting their fourth album, Here’s to You and I. Going straight into the Top Ten Aria Albums chart, there’s no slowing down for these sassy ladies. With their 2015 tour dates announced this week, the girls were ecstatic to finish off their 2014 performances at the Sydney Country Music Festival.

Images: Ainslie Daniels