Greens Senator Scott Ludlam Tears Tony Abbott A New One

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam Tears Tony Abbott A New One

5th March 2014 // By The Children // Politics

Australians all let us rejoice, for we finally have some news to be proud of again.

It seems that since the announcement of Tony Abbott gaining control over our country, we have had nought but terrible news to project to the rest of the world. From our mistreatment of refugees, to the aimless shark culling in WA, to the approved destruction of The Great Barrier Reef, to the PM’s support of the logging industry over National Parks (have I missed anything?), our nation has been nothing more than the punchline to a great deal of jokes to the international community. Heck, we’ve even been in the news recently for a crocodile-eating snake.

But today, something wonderful happened. Today, Senator Ludlam reached in towards our pent up frustration – our apathy, our indignation, our disbelief – and said with the utmost of clarity what we’ve wanted to say for months. Today, Scott Ludlam tore Tony Abbott a new one.

No topic was barred from this relentless barrage of zingers, and as is the case with all great moments of character assassination, this was done with class. There was no need for inflamed emotions to run wild here; all that was necessary was a composed demeanour telling the truest of truths with the knowledge that a great deal of Australia’s population would be watching in unified euphoria.