A Printer That Crawls Around The Paper

A Printer That Crawls Around The Paper

2nd July 2014 // By Jasmine S. // Technology

I’m going to cut to the chase—it’s a robot printer. That’s right, it’s a printer that crawls around and shoots ink out on paper.

The members of Israel’s ZUtA Labs started this project at the Jerusalem College of Technology in the Friedberg Entrepreneurship Program. They were instructed to create an idea with a sustainable business plan, and they came up with this little device. They’ve made a minimal-functioning prototype and are now creating the complete prototype. They even showcased the Pocket Printer at Microsoft’s innovation event in Israel, ThinkNext, and received positive responses.

The printer is simple, really. There’s a hatch at the bottom where you can pop in an ink cartridge, a USB port for charging, and an app for you to connect with the Pocket Printer. The greyscale inkjet lasts for over 1000 printed pages and the battery can stay up to an hour of continual use. Just place it on top of a paper on flat surface and let it do it’s thing.

Read more about ZUtA Labs and their Pocket Printer here, where you can donate to their Kickstarter and help them achieve their goal.