Hearts Are A-Flutter for LoveFlutter

Hearts Are A-Flutter for LoveFlutter

24th June 2014 // By Yael Brender // Technology

You know how Tinder is like, so mainstream and you know how being mainstream is like, so boring? Fear not, because Tinder’s quirkier, more interesting cousin has just been born—and its parents have named it LoveFlutter. Instead of a picture, you just read someone’s quirky fact, and if you like it, you can click on his or her blurred-out image to reveal the person behind the story.

But there’s a catch. LoveFlutter is exclusively for quirky hipsters, and it’s got a placement exam for potential daters. If you’re not interesting enough, then you fail the entrance quiz and you’re doomed to swiping left on Tinder forever. The quiz asks you questions like if you’d ever go bungee jumping and how many languages you speakbecause you know, that’s the only way to prove your quirkiness nowadays. Because people who speak one language and don’t want to jump off a cliff couldn't be interesting, right?

Those who pass the quiz and get the quirky stamp of approval are matched to their potential soul mates using a list of their interests. Once two people are matched, the app starts a conversation with the other person, and you’re free to start talking about quirky stuff with them.

In the name of investigative journalism, I took the test, and scored a respectable 73% for which I was rewarded with a pop-up that read, “You’re an intriguing, colourful character, aren’t you?” Then it offered me fifteen credits with which to send messages and suggest dates. But don’t worry, it assured me, LoveFlutter NEVER shows your location. Because that would be so unhipster.