How Not to be a Glasshole

How Not to be a Glasshole

19th June 2014 // By Erin Cook // Technology

Over the past few months, the term ‘glasshole’ has infiltrated the vocabulary of most self-respecting tech-heads. According to Urban Dictionary, a ‘glasshole’ is “a person who constantly talks to their Google Glass, ignoring the outside world.”  

Google Glass is the latest in be-all and end-all products to enter the Google family. In layman’s terms, Google Glass is a pair of spectacles with an in-built computer, display and microphone. While Google has made no immediate plans to release Google Glass in Australia, the product has made quite a splash in the US. 

The initial response to Google Glass has not been entirely positive. In a twisted turn of events, most complaints have come from innocent bypassers, rather than actual users. Why, you may ask? Users of Google Glass have gained a reputation for using their new device in situations that are socially unacceptable for mobile phones. Reports have emerged of users filming people without their permission and being rude by staring off into the distance for long periods of time. Users that are guilty of this anti-social behavior have been labeled ‘glassholes’.

These ‘glassholes’ are seriously giving Google Glass a bad rep. So much so, that Google compiled a list of ‘Don’t's’ to address the problem head on. The list is as follows:

DON’T glass out.
“Glass was built for short bursts of information and interactions that allow you to quickly get back to doing the other things you love… So don’t read ‘War and Peace’ on Glass. Things like that are better done on bigger screens.”

DON’T rock glass while doing high impact sports.
“Glass is a piece of technology, so use common sense.”

DON’T wear it and expect to be ignored.
“Let’s face it, you’re gonna get some questions.”

DON’T be creepy or rude.
“Respect others' privacy and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy.”

Let’s just hope that Google Glass users read this advice in the privacy of their own home, rather than blankly staring off into the distance of their local café. 

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