Say Yo With New App Called Yo

Say Yo With New App Called Yo

2nd July 2014 // By Erin Cook // Technology

There’s a new app on the market to help yo say ‘yo’ to all yo homies. 

Want to get the attention of that cute gal across the office? Just say ‘yo’. Got a lot of built up emotions to get out? Just say ‘yo’. Can’t think of anything funny to say? Just say ‘yo’. 

In all seriousness, Yo is a new app that describes itself as the “simplest and most efficient communication tool in the world.” With just a single tap, users can send the word ‘yo’ to fellow users. It would take around 11 taps to send the same message via WhatsApp, Facebook or SnapChat. The messaging app is based on a concept similar to Facebook’s ‘poke’ function. It delivers the ‘yo’ via a push notification to each user’s smartphone. This new app will allow you to communicate with friends with the touch of a button. It’s just that easy. 

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, Yo has come under attack by the media. The major issue at hand here is simplicity. While developers have embraced the simplicity of Yo as a positive factor, critics think that the app is so simple that it borders on idiotic. 

Whether you like the idea or not, Yo became an unlikely hit following its June 18 release date. The app received over 1 million downloads after just four days on the market. Only time will tell whether Yo can maintain this level of popularity. 

Depending on yo outlook on life, yo might find this app a little pointless. But who cares, yo?

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