24th June 2015 Written by Hannah Greethead Technology

3D Printing: Everything’s Gonna Change

3D printing has been around for a little while now, and it is starting to become clear that the future of this technology is set to be revolutionary. It’s tough to imagine any new development having more influence than the Internet, but 3D printing might just be the one… Imagine a world where you can send people objects in an instant, it’s less like email and more like a fax machine, with products transferred instantly and printed on the spot. 3D printing will disrupt traditional manufacturing and consumption chains, it will change our economy and even the way that our societies function. Pretty crazy! So that might be what is in store for the future, but what about right now?

The 3D printing industry is a lively one with a growing international following. Domestic 3D printers are now relatively accessible (although some are said to be more akin to the $30 printer that sits under your desk than to an awesome machine that perfectly builds any object that you can imagine) and there are now a number of companies offering 3D printing services, all you need to provide is a digital file of your design. But where do you look when you want to learn more about this growing industry? I recommend that you start with an industry insider… Angus Deveson is more than just a 3D printing enthusiast, he plays an active role in the 3D printing community in Australia, having worked for 3D printing companies in Sydney and Freemantle. Angus shares his experiences and advice on his YouTube channel, Maker’s Muse. His thoughtful comments are a great place to start if you’re keen to learn more about this exciting manufacturing technology. Check out his tips for making money in the 3D printing industry below.



Image: Angus Deveson via Maker's Muse


27th September 2013 Written by Hannah Greethead Pop Cultured

Zombie = Good

Would a zombie apocalypse really be that bad? The more zombie movies I watch, the more I am resigned to the idea that I’ll most likely succumb to whatever virus or bizarre mutation that turns the general population into the flesh hungry undead, and then I think, would the whole destruction of the human race really be that bad? Maybe I’m just in denial, but think about it…

Zombs with text2

Zombs with text3

Zombs with text4

Zombs with text5

22nd August 2013 Written by Hannah Greethead Pop Cultured

What if Google Glass Sucked?

I have poor spatial awareness. Although it’s not a serious issue, there are times, like when I’ve just walked into a concrete pylon and my friends are laughing at me, where I find myself dreaming of a future full of others who have terrible depth perception - a utopia brought about by a revolutionary device: Google Glass. But this utopia, this heaven on earth, will only exist if Google Glass proves to be a truly terrible interface design.

So this is the world where Google Glass manages to be a commercial success but a total usability failure. A safe haven for the clumsy, because when Google glass takes over, no one has any idea where they’re going.

Knee pads

Padded clothing will be normal, it’s just practical. No one likes to spend their days with purple, beaten up knees.

Misplaced kiss

No longer will the awkward and uncoordinated be the only ones to endure the awkward cheek kiss. Everyone will have poor aim, kissing lip corners, lip smacking with air, clashing glasses and bashing chins.

padded street

Cities will become cushy retreats. Obstacles will be shrouded in high visibility padding, falling would be a treat.

fallen in a room

Everyone will be used to walking into poles, pylons and door frames, no longer will the clumsy be the only ones to suffer the mild humiliation and pity that comes with having a diminished awareness of space and depth. No longer will there be the pitying wince from strangers when I fall to the ground. Nor the mocking giggles of ‘friends’ blessed with coordination. It will simply be normal.