The FBI Understands Twitter

The FBI Understands Twitter

1st July 2014 // By Erin Cook // Technology

Americans can all let go of that bated breath they’ve been holding on to and feel safe in the knowledge that the FBI has all matters of national security under control. 

The FBI has created a guide to Twitter slang and they’re not afraid to use it. This 83 page manual teaches the golden oldies and lesser informed among their ranks what acronyms such as EOTWASKI mean. (That’s ‘end of the world as we know it.’) The painfully comprehensive manual has 2 800 definitions which range from obvious to bizarre. YOLO, ROFL and BRB made the list along with TROLL, which is described as ‘a deliberately provocative message board user.’ 

This delightful manual, titled Twitter Shorthand, assists FBI bad boys to navigate their way through the World Wide Web. “With the advent of Twitter and other social media venues,” it begins, “the use of shorthand and acronyms has exploded. The DI’s [Directorate of Intelligence’s] Intelligence Research Support Unit (IRSU) has put together an extensive—but far from exhaustive—list of shorthand and acronyms used on Twitter and other social media venues such as instant messages, Facebook, and MySpace.” Seems legit. 

In this day and age, intelligence agencies including the FBI, collect communication from social media platforms as legitimate surveillance. The Twitter Shorthand manual will definitely come in handy next time a criminal plot is hatched via Twitter. 

FYI: Click here to view the entire manual IRL. Please use this information wisely.  

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