The Sims

The Sims

13th November 2014 // By Maureen Huang // Technology

I'm sure a few bells start ringing in your head once you realise it's summer holidays. I haven't just got a few bells ringing, I've got a whole chior preaching their chorus up there. So long essays, farewell readings, auf wiedersehen lectures, adieu early morning wake up calls, nobody liked you anyway! Now that holidays are here, I am 250% sure I’m going to be spending most of my time controlling a simulated avatar from its birth to death. What do you mean controlling an avatar? I mean playing Sims of course!

That’s right, now that I’ve got my life back, the only logical thing to do is to spend every waking hour controlling a make believe person’s life. Who needs the Internet? What the hell is twitter? I’ve sold my productive soul to Electronic Arts and I’m not looking back.

There are endless possibilities within this game, which is probably why so many people are addicted to it (Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself).You can create a household, go to university, experience different seasons, create your own business, own pets and many more - all withing the comforts of your computer chair.

Sims have got the basics covered. Not only can you escape from reality within the game, The Sims will solve all your problems.*

Can't be bothered taking a shower? No-one's judging, give your Sim a bath instead. Always wanted to know what it's like to be famous? There's nothing stopping you. In this game, you can be your own celebrity, even make it your career ambition if you will. Haven't convinced you yet? Wish you had a butt load of money? No need for a job, Ctrl + shift+ c will be your gateway to instant cash. Wanna buddy up with a ghost? Try your luck and visit a graveyard, you're bound to find some transparent floating amigos. Or maybe you've got that one person (or people) who you wish the unthinkable on? Sims has got that solved, just create a sim who resembles your worst nemesis, lock them in a room, remove the doors and windows and watch as they die a horrible, horrible death... That's right, everything you've ever wanted to do in real life but just didn't have the time, or the guts, you can do in The Sims.

So if you'd like to escape the repetitive drabness of everyday life, or want to engage in a pixelated woohoo, give The Sims a try. If you're still feeling guilty for doing some non-work related activities, don't worry, it's holidays. In fact, I give you permission to play The Sims. If you've played it before, why don't you give those CD's a thorough wipe and relive those memories, and maybe you'll realise my undying love for this game. So go on, say good-bye to reality, and *sulsul* (That's "hello" in Simlish to you) to fulfilling all your unattainable fantasies and monopolizing your own world. That's it, you're set for the holidays. No need to thank me for it. You're welcome.

* Unfortunately, every action you perform in the game will not be applicable in real life. You can't 'motherlode' your way to 50,000 dollars, I know... sad life, but don't worry, I'm sure there are people working on it.