Who's Stalking You?

Who's Stalking You?

10th September 2014 // By Erin Cook // Technology

Thanks to the invention of game-changing apps, we’ve waved goodbye to the burden of doing things the ‘hard way’. Find yourself lost and driving around in circles? Don’t reach for an actual map. Just use Google Maps instead. Someone stole your phone? Don’t put in a police report. Just use Find My Phone and track that motherfucker down yourself. Craving a pizza? Don’t bother calling Domino’s. Just use the Domino’s app and monitor the progress of your pizza while you wait.

Thanks to a few new apps, jealous lovers don’t have to spend hours trawling through their partner’s phone records the ‘hard way’. They can just sit back, relax and let mCouple or mSpy do it for them. The best (worst) part about these apps? They can be installed secretly and your partner will be none the wiser.

Both mCouple and mSpy live up to their spying reputation. Listed amongst the features of mSpy are call recording, GPS tracking, access to web history and keylogger. Or, if you’d prefer to feel like you’re with your partner at all times, mSpy can record audio of their phone’s surroundings. With mSpy, you never have to leave his/her side again! If you decide to go with mCouple instead, you’re pretty much getting the same deal. It can show everything from Facebook messages to GPS coordinates.

Are you feeling a little worried that someone might be spying on your phone? Sweat dripping down your face? Fear not, my friend. The London-based firm that created mSpy asks that users must gain consent before downloading the app onto their partner’s phone. Despite this advice, there’s nothing to stop users from installing mCouple or mSpy in private. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Illustration: Hannah Greethead