Pride in the Park, Fair Day

Pride in the Park, Fair Day

25th February 2015 // By John Ma // Trending Conversation

John Ma HelloStranger

Hello Stranger © John Ma

I ventured into Fair Day as a blank canvas. I wanted to experience the event through what I encountered alone, and so I avoided any PR material that was available to me. As I walked onto the grounds of the park I was immediately greeted by characters that only our special Mardi Gras can bring out.


John Ma AllYouNeedIsLove

All You Need Is Love © John Ma

It’s heart-warming to see our future generations so colour blind and oblivious to the present divisions of our society. At a time when the adults are arguing amongst themselves because of the walls we’ve built up along the way. These little ones are emerging through the noise and learning about the world by seeing that all you need is love.


John Ma UnitedColours

United Colours © John Ma

Not surprisingly there was sass everywhere that day.


John Ma SomeDontNeedAStage

Some Don’t Need a Stage © John Ma

See… I told you so.


John Ma Diva

Divas © John Ma

A large part of the fabulousness of Mardi Gras comes from the drag queens. The flamboyance and colour of these beautiful ladies are iconic to their image. So when capturing Kara Zmatiq during her performance, I wanted to visualise her in a way that wasn’t dressed by the usual symbols. This black and white image was to me, a way of seeing these talented ladies as a timeless classic.


John Ma MonkeySee

Monkey See © John Ma

PDA (public displays of affection) at any Mardi Gras event is never an issue. And if you had an issue with it… Too bad!


John Ma Marilyn

Marilyn © John Ma

As I peered through my lens and watched the crowds all day long, seeing face after face glide past my view, this lovely little lady reminded me that sometimes I’m not the only one watching.


John Ma Heels

Heels © John Ma

Some girls complain about the pain that their heels give them after a night out… some girls.


John Ma Fairday

Fair Day © John Ma

Is there a better feeling than the arms of a loved one holding you close?


John Ma DoTheRightThing
Do The Right Thing © John Ma

Not everything was about glamour. Sometimes it’s a case of a round peg in a square hole, and you just have to make it work.


John Ma Encore

Encore © John Ma

Fair Day was filled with commotion and jam-packed with acts and performances. But even as the last light of the day started to fade, for some that only meant that it was time for their encore.


John Ma GoodbyeStranger

Goodbye Stranger © John Ma

I couldn’t help but smile when just as I was leaving Fair Day, I caught my welcoming party on the other side of the road leaving as well. Still very much in character and with all the exuberance of the day, this lovely lady seemed to remember me and gave me one last hurrah. This frozen goodbye only made me look forward to the next event that leads us just a little bit closer to the final parade.