Mardi Gras 2015: Before the Parade

Mardi Gras 2015: Before the Parade

13th March 2015 // By John Ma // Trending Fun

JohnMa 01 WaveIt

Wave It © John Ma

This year is my first year back after many years away from the event. I forgot how much I loved Mardi Gras and it reminded me of how much I had missed it.

The day started in the early afternoon. I went to Mr. Crackles to get my fix then headed down Oxford. When I got to Hyde Park, which is where all the floats were getting ready and warming up, everyone was getting into the spirit in the most passionate way!

This is one of the flag bearers. He was happy waving his flag. His happy, big green flag. His simple contentment made me happy and I think it made everyone else around him happier too.


JohnMa 02 Sparkles

Sparkles © John Ma

It ain’t no Mardi Gras without sparkles! I didn’t put any on and I still woke up the next day with sparkles in my bed.


JohnMa 03 BlownUp

Up © John Ma

Gusts of winds came up Liverpool St, carrying the balloons into my face and the perspective gave me this shot. This is just one of many more that I couldn’t fit them all here so I’ve curated them into an extended series on my Facebook page.


JohnMa 04 Victoria

Victoria © John Ma

Opera on Oxford.


JohnMa 05 HangOut

Show Off © John Ma

Clearly he was just trying to show off and objectify himself to the public. And clearly it worked.


JohnMa 06 But

Angles © John Ma

Drifting through the frenzy of people I felt someone tug on my arm. I turned to find a big toothy smile saying something to me that was drowned out by the music. And before I could ask her, she spun around and posed. Seeing the fun we were having, the girl in the bowler hat jumped into my frame and wanted a piece of the action. I kindly obliged, being the nice person I am.


JohnMa 07 Daffodils

Daffodils © John Ma

The Parade hadn’t started. These were just warm up poses.


JohnMa 08 Score

Score © John Ma

I think a lot of us can relate to this girl.


JohnMa 09 BBall

B-Ball © John Ma



JohnMa 10 Feast

Feast © John Ma

Gimps don’t just eat. They feast.


JohnMa 11 Line

The Line © John Ma

The girl in front of me growled with a heavy Irish accent at the people inside the cubicles to get out. And next to me was a tiny girl wearing a wrestling uniform. Her uncle, I think, was the wrestling club president. Surreal and uncomfortable is the simplest way to put it. 


JohnMa 12 DrumAndBags

Drums and Bags © John Ma

Ancient sounds and celtic garbs filled Hyde Park on a Sydney weekend. And kilts are just so cool!


JohnMa 13  Droogs

Droogs © John Ma

Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well…


JohnMa 14  Blush

Blush © John Ma

Kinda sorta made me blush.


JohnMa 15 Champagne

Champagne © John Ma

The city can be a fast moving, unblinking, cold hearted bitch. But Mardi Gras turned it into a bubble bath.


JohnMa 16 TopCop

Top Cop © John Ma

The top cop completes the final inspection.


JohnMa 17 TheBeginning

The Beginning © John Ma

The start of the parade down Oxford Street for the 37th time.


JohnMa 18 PotOfGold

Pot of Gold © John Ma

The end of the rainbow is here. Let’s go find that pot of gold.