Mardi Gras 2015: The Parade Route

Mardi Gras 2015: The Parade Route

16th March 2015 // By John Ma // Trending Fun

JohnMa 01 Backdrops

Backdrop © John Ma

I was late reaching my media bay when the Parade officially started. Being ushered by security and event organisers, I rushed up the empty parade route of Oxford St. Not far behind me was the very beginning of the parade, and behind them was the setting sun that silhouetted the city. The energy had been building up all day, and as the waiting crowd caught sight of the marching paraders, the noise in the air wasn’t just cheers, it was a delight.


JohnMa 02 Fiver

Fiver © John Ma

Every float and participant was in one way or another, trying to touch and engage with someone. Some did it physically, some did visually. But either way their invitation was undeniable.


JohnMa 03 Unisons

Unison © John Ma

As you can see, some of the floats stuck very closely to their routines.


JohnMa 04 Neptune

Neptune © John Ma

Greek mythology would be so laid back if this guy had been a part of it.


JohnMa 05 Strokes

Strokes © John Ma

The Different Strokes Dragon Boat team.


JohnMa 06 Zoom

Zoom © John Ma

The night was zooming by and I didn’t want it to end too quickly.


JohnMa 07 Ruffles

Ruffles © John Ma

Luckily some of the paraders were less frenetic and took their time making their way along the parade route. Clearly not letting the hype ruffle their ruffles.


JohnMa 08 Baton

Baton © John Ma

It’s pretty safe to say that no baton was ever waved so eagerly before, nor after, this shot was taken.


JohnMa 09 Uniform

Uniform © John Ma

If you have a thing for men in uniforms… You’re very welcome. But for those who are a part of any long established institution where truly expressing yourself can be a difficult thing - This will hopefully give you some encouragement.


JohnMa 10 Glisten

Glisten © John Ma

Epically Drag.


JohnMa 11 Closets

Closets © John Ma

The metaphor was proud and clear and the colourful doors rolling down Oxford St provided a wonderfully surreal setting for me to photograph.


JohnMa 12 BeachBums

Beach Bums © John Ma

Lifesavers have been part of the Mardi Gras institution for a long long time. Budgie smugglers and little bikinis, twirling and twerking, shaking and grinding… I’m cool with that. 


JohnMa 13 Firebugs

Firebugs © John Ma

Emergency services was out in force, waving the flag high and representing the proud.


JohnMa 14 Precipitation

Precipitation © John Ma

Abstract installation art with a chance of local precipitation?


JohnMa 15 Twirl

Twirl © John Ma

There was so much twirling going around. And around. And around. And around…


JohnMa 16 CleanUpCrew

Clean Up Crew © John Ma

I don’t know who hired these guys to do the clean-up, but they did a pretty shitty job.


JohnMa 17 FollowTheGlitter

Follow The Glitter © John Ma

If there was any bright side the terrible job done by the Clean Up Crew, it was that finding your way to The Party of all parties was really really easy. Follow the glitter!


JohnMa 18 Maniacs

Maniacs © John Ma

Before we could get to The Party, I first had to dodge a horde of maniacs that were grabbing and running away with anything that wasn’t tied down.