Midnight Masquerades, Harbour Party by Night

Midnight Masquerades, Harbour Party by Night

6th March 2015 // By John Ma // Trending Conversation

JohnMa HarbourParty Night01

Cops are Tops © John Ma

Mr 5.0 was straight up framing dudes.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night02

Pick Up © John Ma

Some were very kind and offered me a ride on their shoulders.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night03

Skyline © John Ma

The view from up here ain’t that bad.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night04

Shine © John Ma

There were stars in attendance too… But they already get enough shine.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night05

Who Is This Girl © John Ma

This girl and her outfit though definitely did not get enough shine.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night06

Glitterland © John Ma

I think they came from Glitterland.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night07

Shoulders © John Ma

The view from there looks pretty decent too.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night08

Queue © John Ma

Take a ticket and head to the back of the queue please.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night09

Snacks © John Ma

Nom nom


JohnMa HarbourParty Night10

Centre of Attention © John Ma

She really really really wanted me to take a photo of her. Like really.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night11

Lime Light © John Ma

Everyone got a bit that night.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night12

Arm Candy © John Ma

And as it got later, some couples were craving a little alone time.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night13

Blurred © John Ma

I tried to stay lucid for as long as I could, but hey I’m human… And eventually things got blurry.


JohnMa HarbourParty Night14

Masquerade © John Ma

And when the masquerade came to an end and the crowd floated toward the exits, I walked past the great big disco ball and still thought it was pretty cool.