Summer Kissed, The Harbour Party by Day

Summer Kissed, The Harbour Party by Day

6th March 2015 // By John Ma // Trending Conversation

JohnMa HarbourParty01

Gatecrashers © John Ma

The harbour view and the ocean breeze was spectacular in the most Australian way. The party kicked off in the early afternoon and went well into the night. But while the sunshine lasted, summer flirted with everyone.

If Fair Day had been a family affair, the Harbour Party was what happened when the kids went to bed. So as the babysitter minded the kids, the grown-ups played dress ups, and even the gatecrashers came in style.


JohnMa HarbourParty02

Dame © John Ma

And of course a Mardi Gras party wouldn’t be a party without a dame or two.


JohnMa HarbourParty03

Beachy © John Ma

Personally I found the beach chairs to be a godsend. I got to rest my feet while getting some shade, and practiced getting over brain freezes from the vodka mango slushy. 


JohnMa HarbourParty04

Disco © John Ma

When my brain unfroze I went back for seconds, then I looked up at a great big disco ball hanging over the Sydney skyline and thought that was one of the coolest things ever.


JohnMa HarbourParty05

Dujour © John Ma

Peace and love from DJ Du Jour.


JohnMa HarbourParty06

Harbour Party © John Ma

It would have been a good day even if the party ended right there and then. But wait… There’s more!


JohnMa HarbourParty07

Beefy © John Ma

The beefy crowds kept rolling in.


JohnMa HarbourParty08

Safe © John Ma

Is that bird? Is that a plane? No… It’s a fucking condom.


JohnMa HarbourParty09

Passion Gives You Wings © John Ma

After the floating condoms came the butterflies.


JohnMa HarbourParty10

Punter © John Ma

And then the shirts disappeared.


JohnMa HarbourParty11

Banana Boat © John Ma

For some, the party peaked a little too early.


JohnMa HarbourParty12

Smoke on the Water © John Ma

For others, the real party had just started.


JohnMa HarbourParty13

Interlude © John Ma

The setting sun felt somewhat like an interlude. The briefest of interludes…


JohnMa HarbourParty14

The Horde © John Ma

Since the sweaty restless crowd and inpatient night had waited long enough.