23rd March 2015 Written by John Ma Trending Fun

Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

JohnMa 01 Invasion

Zombies © John Ma

Oxford Steet was laid to waste. Fish and chips and kebabs refuelled tired bodies as the hordes of party zombies descended onto the Hordern Pavilion.


JohnMa 02 GoodAndEvilAndStringCheese

Good, Evil and String Cheese © John Ma

The bodies flowed through the gates. There was a nagging feeling that serious choices had to be made that night.


JohnMa 03 Union

Union © John Ma

Aussie girl meets Brazilian girl. They fall in love and decide to get married. The ceremony took place on one of the floats in the parade. Imagine what their kids will look like.


JohnMa 04 Entourage

Entourage © John Ma

Some rolled deep.


JohnMa 05 Razzle

Razzle © John Ma



JohnMa 06 Gaga

Gaga © John Ma


JohnMa 07 BigRooms

Big Rooms © John Ma

There were lots of big rooms like this and all of them boiling with human energy.


JohnMa 08 TheMenu

The Menu © John Ma

On full display.


JohnMa 09 NeonPeaces

Neon Peace © John Ma

They came in neon and peace.


JohnMa 10 Deuces

Deuces © John Ma

Two is better than one.


JohnMa 11 Bodies

Frenzy © John Ma

It was like a feeding frenzy.


JohnMa 12 Victors

Victors © John Ma

He is a winner.


JohnMa 13 Jocks

Jocks © John Ma

Fully sick jocks!


JohnMa 14 Unicorn

Unicorn © John Ma


JohnMa 15 Rider

Rider © John Ma

Some were just riding it out.


JohnMa 16 Teleporter

Teleporter © John Ma

If you let it, you can imagine it’s a teleporting machine.


JohnMa 17 Pray

Pray © John Ma

Sometimes this happens when I stand up on high places. I hope I granted him what he prayed for. I gave him the only thing I could, and took his portrait in this raving mass of Mardi Gras excitement.


JohnMa 18 MadMaxine

Mad Maxine © John Ma

Definitely teleported here.


JohnMa 19 Twinkle

Twinkle © John Ma

I caught one twinkle.


JohnMa 20 Selfless

Selfless © John Ma

Some friends are just so selfless when they are taking selfies.


JohnMa 21 FairyFloss

Fairy Floss © John Ma


JohnMa 22 DanceFloor

Dance Floor © John Ma

The struggle and hassle of walking through the crowd is easily justified by what you’ll find. I found him in the middle of the buzzing balminess.


JohnMa 23 Pasties

Pasties © John Ma

Sometimes when you lose a pastie you just have to make do.


JohnMa 24 Fairytales

Fairytales © John Ma

Someone playing with the teleporter again.


JohnMa 25 RockOn

Rock On © John Ma

By now I had no idea which one of the big rooms I was in. The Party kept on and I held on.


JohnMa 26 Poof

© John Ma

And like magic, she appeared again.


JohnMa 27 Casualties

Casualties © John Ma

There were bound to be some casualties, and not everyone was going to walk away unscathed.


JohnMa 28 DumpOut

Bump Out © John Ma

I honestly can’t remember the party ending. But if I had to imagine it, it would be like this.

13th February 2013 Written by warholst Pop Cultured


You know what really burns my tamales? When really good t.v. shows are axed while ridiculous shows about inane celebrities (whom no one really knows why are famous) continue to run and draw in audiences! I mean seriously - have you people no taste?! Short answer: No. On a bit of tirade, much? Well, yeah, but warranted … WELL, fear not, the hilariously wonderful dysfunction of the Bluth Family is returning to our screens! The foretold second coming of Arrested Development is nigh! Ryan Brooks fills us in on the brilliant actors, and the influencing comedic powerhouse, that is the wondrous Arrested Development.
12th February 2013 Pop Cultured

Assassins Creed 3 Review

OK so this old guy is telling this other guy about a magic amulet that he needs to keep hidden for some reason and now a Native American tribe is crying together about FFFFFFUUUUUUZZZZZZZZ Man, I didn’t know I had HP Sauce in the fridge. Does HP even go in the fridge? Shit, phone bill’s coming up. Maybe I’ll pay the gas first and then worry about FFFFFFUUUUUUUUZZZZZZ Oh Shit! Sweet, now I’m jumping from trees like Predator and stabbing bad guys with hidden knives and stringing them up with rope darts as a warning to the rest of my enemies like a butcher’s piñata filled with organs and offal. Five minutes of boring dialogue for every one minute of sweet sweet killing. 

21st December 2012 Written by warholst Just Listen

Music to Chill the F*** out. Music for a boring Thursday #20

Playlist compiled by Jade Fosberry. People are always asking me to do activities. Most of which involve exerting energy for very minimal reward. And there’s almost never a mention of alcohol or food. My response to most of these requests used to be something along the lines of ‘Yeah nah, need to wash my hair’ but in reality I just don’t like doing stuff. I like to chill and that’s probably my favourite past time. And what better way to chill than with a sweet mash up of equally chill tunes. Regardless of whether it’s a weed-induced chill state, a post-work ‘need to just mellow out minus human interaction’ chill, or even a sunny Sunday reflecting on life’s biggest questions whilst eating ice-cream chill (one of my favourites), this play-list should cater to all states. You can listen to it on the American Modern: http://www.theamericanmodern.com/post/38345929185/music-to-chill-the-fuck-out-to-music-for-a-boring
18th July 2012 Written by warholst In Conversation


Wish you had that creative gene mum kindly forgot to pass on to you? Well, meet The Chosen Ones, the artists behind the Colourful Language project…. Blessed with artistic allure and evidently, a comedic tinge to their expressive souls they call England, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia home. These six artists have cottoned onto the blissful release we experience when we pop a foul word or two. And they have embellished these words with cheeky aesthetics, presented on the always-practical t-shirt for us admirers to sport and be admired ourselves. The project aims to embrace the Art of Swearing by making colourful language seen and heard, engaging us in conversations filled with our own expressions of fury and fun. With crowd funding platform Pozible at their side the artists’ aim is an exhibition of the works alongside colourful live arts performances and interactive displays in celebration of a heavy swear jar and potty mouths. Getting behind the project grants you unlimited curse words, a sense of pride, tangibles (tshirts, badges, postcards and sponsorships) and many implied F*@ks; do with those as you wish. And these artists want to prove how deserving they are of your support so we took the initiative of having a chat to some of the hands and brains behind the project. Here is how they relate to art, language and making people laugh.

29th June 2012 Written by Mickey Suzuki Hipster Life


1) Your footwear and/or socks are heinous – Examples include Crocs, Crocs Heels (even worse), those shoes with the toes, New Balance joggers (when not jogging), platform flip flops, toe socks. You see this look on my face right now? It says if you’re wearing toe socks with your platform flip flops, you Miss “Grossly-misguided-but-probably-actually-pretty-nice-person” and I, self-acknowledging judgemental bitch, will never be friends.
28th June 2012 Written by warholst Pop Cultured


This is one of those questions that’s been bewildering the ‘man’ half of mankind for maybe a million years. Is it really still true? Surely, now in 2012, we’ve moved on, have we? Gian Paulo thinks not. But what do you reckon, check out Gian’s thoughts then let us know what you think….
27th June 2012 Written by warholst In Conversation


For this instalment of Interesting Questions for Interesting People we interviewed a couple, Jack Crombie and Crystal Eagan, and we interviewed them separately. It’s interesting to compare them not only are they a couple, but they’re also building a film production business together – Jack Crombie Productions, they do lovely work, there’s some links at the bottom so you can see some of it, connect with them if you want
26th June 2012 Written by warholst In Conversation


For this instalment of Interesting Questions for Interesting People we interviewed a couple, Jack Crombie and Crystal Eagan, and we interviewed them separately. It’s interesting to compare them…. Not only are they a couple, but they’re also building a film production business together – Jack Crombie Productions, they do lovely work, there’s some links at the bottom so you can see some of it, connect with them if you want
26th June 2012 Written by warholst The Instructions


So we get drunk and start talking and somehow after about the sixth round of butter-scotch schnapps we ended up talking about school and how stupid it was and all that when one of us started talking about what they didn’t teach us but what would have been kind of nice to know. I don’t know why we were drinking butterscotch schnapps, it wasn’t my idea, I’d go with Jaeger but I was told that Jaeger is ‘so last year’, so it was schnapps instead. Schnapps is the new Jaeger. Maybe the thing about Jaeger being ‘so last year’ is ironic, but just about everything you do these days passes for irony, so there’s no way to know. So we’re drinking and I’m supposed to be sub editing and writing for Warhol’s Children and all I’ve done is correct punctuation and turn up for after-work drinks so I thought I’d write down the collective wisdom of a bunch of mid-twenty-ish schnapps fiends and pass it off as my debut contribution to the magazine.
26th June 2012 Written by warholst In Conversation

We’ll be doing an interview with David

We’ll be doing an interview with David in an upcoming issue, for now you can discover David’s ‘music to feel miserable by
23rd June 2012 Written by warholst In Conversation


This is Jan Goldfedder when he was a kid he wanted to be an astronaut . Now he’s in IT and Operations for the Belvoir Theatre… Mostly we end up doing other stuff, and that’s ok, but maybe as kids we’re more idealistic (not to say that Jan isn’t), we really don’t give a damn about the status or the money, or the practicability of it, we’re just thinking about what we love, about what would be interesting, about outer space or about working with animals.
23rd June 2012 Written by warholst Must Read

Books that can change your life?

The right book at the right time of your life can change it. Catcher in the Rye seems to wield more power when you’re in your late teens and early twenties than when you mature. In your early 20s it can be something by Vonnegut. In your 30s it could be the Dice Man. It depends on who you are and where you are with your life. And then there are some books that seem to exert their influence through the years. It’s an interesting conversation, try asking it at a dinner party and see what happens.
13th June 2012 Written by warholst Hipster Life


I once read that a gentleman should be able to play a musical instrument, speak a foreign language and cook a decent meal… maybe. But what skills should a man acquire? And your view? Let us know.