26th March 2015 Written by John Ma Trending Fun

The Kiss

If Fair Day was a family affair, and the Harbour Party was a grown up’s shindig, then The Party was one big sloppy kiss! Much like the ‘Parade Portraits’, The Kiss is all about the people and their moment. And as the title suggests, it’s all about kissing.

Throughout this eight part series, I hope I was able to bring a little love, passion, and fun into your world. I hope this has shown the world what the Sydney Mardi Gras was like, inside and out. And I really hope that we can go out like these guys and share our love with the world.

So no more from me. If we’re gonna use our mouths, then we should use it to kiss someone we love. And for whatever reason if you need inspiration, then look no further! Because don’t these guys look like they are having fun?

JohnMa Kiss 1

© John Ma


JohnMa Kiss 2

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JohnMa Kiss 3

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JohnMa Kiss 4

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JohnMa Kiss 5

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JohnMa Kiss 6

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JohnMa Kiss 7

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JohnMa Kiss 8

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JohnMa Kiss 9

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This is the end of the official coverage of the 2015 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, but if you need more you can head here, theres lots more to see!

And until next time… Much love and happiness!

31st December 2014 Written by Warholst Just Listen


Happy New Year!

Mwah xx


Image: Chris Johnson

10th October 2013 Just Listen

Music for a Boring Thursday Afternoon # 4 & # 5

The above image pretty much sums up this week! anyways this week’s Music for a Boring thursday Afternoon is a extra special, as you get two playlists for the price of one :D

18th October 2012 Written by Hannah Chapman In Conversation


Flume is pretty much charming as fuck. This could be for a variety of reasons, some of which include, but are not limited to the following…

1. His music is full of deep bass and pretty flitting melodies, his own brand of what he calls hip-hop influenced electronica. At times it can be down tempo, but is consistently so danceable. Some tracks verge on deep house, others bounce like booties in a rap video. Other melodies bubble along, with soulful vocals chop sueyed into walls of crashing sound.

2. The fact that every time I’ve seen him play from small club shows to in front of 7,000 people he looks pleased as punch, and like he’s so chuffed at his luck.